Melody Mesa, Sons of the Pioneers


Melody Mesa, Sons of the Pioneers


We hand-picked the songs from the ones most consistently requested at our concerts across the nation, from the upbeat “Cowboy Jubilee,” “When Payday Rolls Around,” and “Texas Plains” to the lilting “Along the Navajo Trail” to the smooth, dreamy harmony in “Silver on the Sage.” Each track is a classic sure to please, and with 15 songs it’s also a great value. The uniquely blended vocal harmonies of Luther Nallie, Ken Lattimore, and Randy Rudd are augmented by Ricky Boen's world-class fiddle, Mark Abbott's thumping acoustic bass and Gary LeMaster's smooth guitar riffs. Being our pardner Gary LeMaster’s last album, the inclusion of “Empty Saddles” holds a special meaning. Some have said this is one of our best albums. We sure enjoyed recording it.

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  1. Cowboy Jubilee

  2. Silver on the Sage

  3. Trail to San Antone

  4. The Lillies Grow High

  5. Song of the Bandit

  6. So Long to the Red River Valley

  7. Along the Navajo Trail

  8. When the Bloom is on the Sage

  9. Ridin’ Down the Canyon

  10. When Payday Rolls Around

  11. Wagon Wheels

  12. South of the Border

  13. Springtime in the Rockies

  14. Texas Plains

  15. Empty Saddles