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The noon of the youth, Sale Discount Goose Down Pillows Canada Outlet Onlinethe same village brothers is small to gather, knows a some elder brother of old house place while life still lingers, think that several year agos meet in the city, just like yesterday, feel sad.No matter the life has how many Chang not, finally can not go against, but connect the qualificationses of recollection to all have no, pain when can return other people also have what!Remind Yang Xiong, at present what condition, want to know but afraid know, still keep being been saved to on board number of hand, not dare to stir pass by.Knew last year that Yang Xiong got sick, and cancer.Contact me, hope to beg famous doctor to grant good method in the city and finally be constrained by many restrictions, the still just old house made a conservative treatment.The effect isn't very good, the spring comes to city now and walked a few hospitals, also hanged several experts, prescribe some medicines to return to.At that time, saw him even walked all exhausting appearance, seemed to connect in the oneself heart painful of the fellings all had no, all empty of, don't know how to do, how said.Think, be me to still keep giving birth to Long Huo Hu every day, still keep being song to the wine, still keep often wanting to look for incitement, I can't think old of I.But Yang Xiong, can't think, either old of oneself, but his beard thinks at that moment at least of he.Associate a little bit ex- days to return to old house, see the father's portrait, still keep being that so noodles to permit, Sale Discount Goose Down Pillows Canada Outlet Onlineother olds, his together age person even a little bit small of, all become"old"er than him, the heart suddenly feels, can see own close relatives with each passing day old to go, it is a how happy affair to be, also think oneself ability doddering is also a God to grant to own boon.(: )Yang Xiong is my schoolmate in the senior high school, my leader of class, he regiment department secretary.Think of at that time scene, the desire smiled but tears.Have no who owe who, also have no the cent of height, we ever three year, time, a classroom, a dormitory, once took the same rackets, once rode the same to break a car.Is 43 years old, he is suffering from constant illness at present, my heart is hard to accept, sympathetic toward or other, face life, in addition to holding in high esteem, how again!Much time, we always care own of get, always described with a delicate touch losing of other people, faced natural affection, friendship, the way of was usually at that time.Don't should is the usually the most precious thus, also lose most easily.The head dissipates of a text net:/subject/3713800/The Mao set returns

The classroom is the main battlefield that the lesson changes, the classroom teaching activity includes to allow many several teaching details.In the classroom of ask the importance being mathematics teaching to constitute part, use one of the teaching methods of tallest frequency in the teaching.

I come right away company very early on the second day, only a purpose& mdash;—Be carry on creations.When I arrive at company, being like of its calmness just in the middle of sleeping soundly of infant& mdash;—Calmness like this, so of peaceful.I take out notebook and ball-point pen but writing.The company imitates a Buddha to quitely be like quiet ocean at this time, there are a few sea gulls in its sky is flying.At this time the blue temptation appear in my heart me to look forward to ocean for the first time.It brings me numerous many imaginations.All have at the ocean deep places what?It gives me the inspiration of creations and to the passion of life.There are too many repeated contentses in the writing that once wrote down.I the process lieutenant general in the modification these the contents delete.Delete of make me know more at the same timeThe writing is intelligence, the experience combines.It loves in the mind more and sublimating of responsibility.I have already chosen a writing, will be responsible for it, to the reading&the ldquo;I writing& rdquo;Of the friend be responsible for.It I see arrive ever failure and successful reason and also showed me impulsive side.Give my writing road up bring all the sweet and bitter experiences.Ever of wrote in the writingNew youth literature website.It is that one is small scaled.We once did a practice in the new youth webmaster and editor, is also this literature website to make me write to 《drown 》 , 《the road of creations 》 writing like this.Come in contact with new youth& mdash;—Is that I see a letter in the mailbox.My reading finishes the contents of letter, click into this literature website.Its vitality, competition, the popularity all makes me move.After I register pen name, the beginning announces a writing in this literature website.The writing of new youth, all of big parts are what I sit to write down before computers.I am aming a net in the net cafe at this time tube.I search a writing and bring the happiness of the person on this website, it such beauty, be like a rose, it so of sweet——Be like highland barley wine.The beautiful recollection moistens to apply color the heart of reaching the boy like sweet peach, it imitates a Buddha to send forth to let the flavor that he can not refuse.It is a subtle fragrance like this and be full of temptation.The beautiful recollection is violent to burn in his heart, it combustion apply color to reach a boy ever can not the feeling Wu arrive.It is like his body and lets him cherishes it.When I cherished body, also know loving real meaning.When the beautiful recollection becomes a color to reach a boy song and poem within heart.Loving folk song& mdash in his heart;—It is more emollient and moving.The beautiful recollection jumps joyful have dancing of rhythm again, it is like a famous dancer.

The red person in the manager Tian's eyes is supervisor, supervisor Wu, left supervisor, farmland supervisor, my also calculating up is 1.He is very strict to all of us.Supervisor Wu leaves an impression for me the deepest of once is reason elsewhere complain, is also such a matter to make me admire him, letting me feeling should study him.He is in the position that is walked by real strenght to the reality.I and he of the story of didn't end like this.He lets me faster growth, letting me the faster understand dining is this profession.He requests to compare a farmland manager Gao Chu to me a lot of.He throws not to rise a person, I equally throw not rise person.He is leaving a blue hotel to once do another business as well, also talk a lot of blue affair hotel experience after of leaving concerning hims for me.Manager Tian also exchanges sugar for our minds and rises a bridge of love for our minds.Is also manager Tian, frequently supervisor, supervisor Wu, director piece in the army camp still has rose Di of blue son, ice son.The business of the Kang treasure Lai director heart rain church I open eyes of mind, is their true kind and genial good make me know love, know how to open eyes of mind.It are all such to open the whole persons of eyes of minds and things fine.A words of manager Tian have been lining up sea in my brain at present.Chang Feng, your going out to come back for a year is like this.He teaches me very angrily.His this sentence also becomes me dining road ascend a classic famous saying.It is this sentence to make me realize mistake and let me know the meaning of intelligence and courage.

The breeze in winter is endlessly not only, seldom silent the soul of solitude coming down, imitating a Buddha look for the marriage of body, don't get a short moment at leisure.Those float to concuss with the breeze through Huang Ye of the coldness of demeanor draw down, no man asks about those yellow leaf's whereaboutses, but feeling north wind cold.The autumn goes to winter come of big thousand worldses are already classic sort the Zheng Rong up the branding, the such short moment arrives punctually annually, the people of this world then had the solar division of Winter Solstice.

《The book scraps gathers 》 inside a few Jing short and small text, like pleasant breeze white cloud, the small bridge flowing water, the leisure time, can a joy.Herein writing, carry is all temperament middleman, not contend for a Duo benefit customs vulgar person can compare.

See 《in a hurry that year 》 with classmate, although early have already known to conclude a bureau, still for square paying of Hui one don't already is sad.Seeing a news conference be asked and, you had Chen to once look for or square does the Hui lead?My thoughts and feelings visited to move flicker screen I of the front, have for an instant settle the hesitation& mdash of space;—Is young to lead, and then how can have no Chen to once look for, have no square Hui lead?

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