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12, puppy:Is all right I admit these all being my is wrong(my wrong my wrong my wrong), all right I do of don't make it all is me of wrong.(my wrong my wrong my wrong)I already, too many wrong, wrong and wrong, you stop say, say,Said, Is continuously to say~~~~~~~The dog is hasty will jump a wall!

The Buddha mountain seems to be more to give me the imagination in the daytime and gives me the intense emotion for struggling more.No matter is struggle or the intense emotion should own real strenght.Have then real strenght can work well the whole affairs.The real strenght would not° until pass to study get of, and would not° until after the fulfillment of long term own.It is living in the city like this, letting me knowing the importance of association.This the second months feeling Wu being also after I arrive Buddha mountain arrive.If I don't associate, can let I more of solitude, more lonesome.The association can make me open mental horizon, increase knowledge and increase understand to the person.The association can make me more of maturity, more of happiness.Friend is associate with the real mind, only have then the exchanges of mind and mind can let two unfamiliar hearts understand mutually, mutual trust.When two hearts tightly contact together, you can go into to die for friend's birth, can share worry for friend.We aren't independent in the life, our wanting to associate is as a lot of as the person becoming friends with.I am gradually acquainting with the environment here.Whether the environment here found back my intense emotion and another enthusiasm from lose.Whenever I shuttle on the asphalt road, ear's seeming to be always to have a kind of very strong voice beside is encouraging me, encourage that I step to dependably and actually walk each one step in steady now and encourage that I don't lower the head to the frustrate and the difficulty.All of any affairs is urgently don't come, it has certain regulation and technique, is also need to be horary.Music rings out in the dawn, music in dawn always brings a person easily and joy.Joy the nature show unintentionally from the mind.Music has already become the friend in my life, it brings me matchless happiness and bring me endless of confidence.It is a kind of will to struggle, this kind of will has to come from better mindset, let a better mindset treat each living should work well of affair.No matter what work all from the difficult start of, don't experience a difficulty how can attain successful terminal point, successful terminal point BEThe will& rdquo of spirit and challenge never given up;.Succeed isn't a difficult matter, but see how you go to and develop you of just can, make use of the brains of your cleverness to still have how you face is at present of the difficulty reach agreement definitely difficult method and adjustment mindset of method.The relation with confidence very above both, so your leaving the road of success isn't very far away.

Life road life road ascend much frustrated, who anticipate brain stem suddenly floating about.The early times wastes time to turn cloud and mist, this present life perhaps no longer now.Met by coincidence an old person to once acquaint with, surname very who can not Xiao.Friend house where, New Canada Goose Uk Stockists 2015 Sale Online Up to 50 Offfan Mang is aery to have no place to look for.Return to the long river of hoping the life, disappointed fan Mang settles to lose.Ask the gentleman remaining years the desire what, the Hui muddy fan receives an idea not pure.Is empty to raise capable Hao Miao stick, difficult look for good place to show 1.

Shut ember days, and then call a Zhai, fast and chase Zhai, five one of big religious homeworkses of Islamism.According to Islam of doctrine, each adulthood healthy of Muslem in this month in, have to implement the obligation of fast.Li Wen Jun's diary:On July 12, 2013, dawn.I drive a burst of absorb water tube and mastication of the irritating to the ear voice of thing is noisy to come to of, don't to me be me to know just to am very angry in 4:00 A.M..The whole hospital at such as the night view of the Mo very secluded, the light in the sickroom inside white's seeming to be very is to stab an eye, that girl sits on the chair and covers with to spread hair, shadowy double the eye "eat voraciously".On July 13, 2013, dawn.I am still fought to come to punctually by that voice, I am to in mind curse and scold her this time.On July 14, 2013, dawn.Or be been noisy to come to by her, I am just thinking, words like this, my condition affirmation contains worsen possibility.(: )The diary of vegetable vegetable:July 13, 2013.I didn't drink a drop of water in the daytime and said nothing of to eat, I was really very hungry very hungry, felling the whole body is tired, but I didn't resent an idea and just sealed the time of Zhai each time and looking at him to turn over to reply to went, I felt very sorry.Let down-that university student, ha ha, however you still have to continue to bear with, unless you can get out of the hospital in a week.Li Wen Jun's diary:July 16, 2013.Looking at she is suffused with white lips, pale side to permit and the distressed face still has a busy figure, I suddenly feel that she has already done not so dislike.Grandmother is inconvenient because of leg feet, so relieve nature to wait all businesses all to complete in the sickroom, again add it still need to have intravenous drop to take a Chinese herbal medicine, so, she almost a the whole days all stay by the side her grandmother.The food and drink pulls Sa, she serves very good, be like a small servant girl.Grandmother's temper isn't good, frequently scold her, much time, she just ha ha smile apologetically.Though she looks after reaches everywhere, because sometimes when grandmother invokes, she can not immediately get up from rest a little, grandmother still speak such as this kind of words:"This wench is silly, pare off like.(the good word is nonsense)"The vegetable vegetable immediately backstrokes:"Yes, I am really silly, your son's daughter is all so many nobody to look after you, I whole day at the hospital."Say grandmother the stem stare.Still once, grandmother said her face was black, she was nowise softhearted, "is black because of ah, this called heredity."Say grandmother's language don't live a ground of consolation again after filling.July 17, 2013.But any she has the thing to eat by herself, immediately will send forth to the owner in the sickroom.But I pass thing to her each time, she all shakes head to decline, but once, she received a chicken claw.(mark the certain context of having the Islamic here)July 20, 2013.I just know at this time, those make me very confused very angry matterses to all relate to the Mosslem people's custom:They have to complete matters like food and drink,etc before 4:00 A.M., this calls to seal a Zhai rites.Until just can open Zhai at 8:00 p.m..The head dissipates of a text net:/subject/3714307/Ask a that sea gull

One etc., your turn over a card, my shuffle cards, what to wash is a limits of the earth stranger, what to find out is a destiny to weep over, someone spread my heart, there is the dream that you broke me, ever very earnest, have already spread good luck now, palm feelings line, not the Zhang public invites, south in heart Ke Yi, disappear a limits of the earth guest, eyebrow close you of permit, present you in the heart to of high mountain flowing water, mountain one, water is a, you of romantic I of tears, I of recall you of do not, this a life time you the good luck for sending, the future life disappears of, why the need for harmed the Kou of shadow to do obeisance, why the need for pushed to the heart that doesn't know time.

Time flies, the time quickly passes.Time imperceptibly gets 2002& mdash;—Within an age like this, New Canada Goose Uk Stockists 2015 Sale Online Up to 50 Offwe all nearby under the environment that all a lot of affairs happen, walk on the huge boundless in of I, seem such infinitesimal, but I feel regardless life live in how?All want to learn existence, the academic association looks for the method of opportunity.To exist and then can not get away from to struggle struggle is carry out an ideal key.Ever of I degenerative, the freedom was scattered, no one livinged of target, don't give the oneself a good programming.But my heart in have never forgotten to living comer of road, because I want the future for the oneself to wear to think, person not the for oneself India put out this sentence how formative in my brain?I can not also say clearly, because this is that I arrive at to just know in another unfamiliar work environment.These are also what I feeling Wu arrive when the Qi river's wheel gear goes to works.It seems to be very melancholy and seem is a reality like this.Be educate me like this.Let me thoroughly look for opportunity for everyday.The society nowadays' wanting to seek a work that belongs to me isn't very easy of, the ages in nowadays pays attention to diploma and the age of real strenght.In the work of also want to study other knowledge at the same time, just can enrich the mind of oneself like this, enrich the unseen of oneself.The behavior livingsed to pave road surface, the road of life was such endless, we have to at young of time hold the goal in life dish of good oneself, the youth is the wealth of our young man, but how should our young man make use of wealth like this?BE I always at the problem for considering, have to contribute for this society doing definitely because the person lives in this in the world.

The friend is to speak predestination, lean against each other understanding agreeing with is attracted to the magnetic field, have no false and Jiao to make, only have sincerely with actually and truly;The friend is to speak as one pleases, the friend's didn't need intentionally or demand, unwillingly get of, Be just face up ofFriend& rdquo;;The friend being real is total to laugh heartily, together regretful two people's compound body.

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