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Legends of Western Music

The First - The Best - The Original

  • Western Music Association - "A Living Legend in their own time ... an American institution"
  • American Cowboy Magazine - "the world's premiere cowboy singing group." [feature article, August 2010)
  • Grand Ol' Opry - “The Sons of the Pioneers are American icons known around the world for their trademark harmonies and haunting lyrics that tell the story of the American West.”(Opry website)
  • - "All in all, they’re just as influential to Americana culture - and Americana - as Levi’s, Baseball, and Betsy Ross.” (9/2009)
  • University of Nebraska Lied Center -Amy Flamminio - "One of the best things to come to Lincoln this year." (Lied Center Examiner 4/2012)
  • Flickenger Center for the Performing Arts - Jim Mack - "Everybody loved the show. It was a big success. Everyone in town was talking about the show the next morning." (2/2012)
  • Doug Green (of Riders in the Sky) -“There wouldn’t be a Riders in the Sky without the Sons of the Pioneers. They are clearly our western heros and our inspiration. As a group it’s what we wanted to sound like if we could and keep that fantastic tradition alive. “ (Interview 4/2009)
  • Prairie Rose Chuckwagon - J.W. Johnson (Owner ) “What an honor to have the Sons on our stage at the Prairie Rose. It was the best of the best!” (After 2 sell out performances - 4/2010)
  • Sun Dial Auditorium - Recreation Centers of Sun City - We've had nothing but wonderful comments about the Pioneers show. They did a fantastic job." (2/2012)

    A Video Welcome

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Personal Welcome by Trail Boss Tommy Nallie

“A Big Western Howdy! We're honored you chose to spend a little time with us. So pull up a chair and enjoy some of our favorite cowboy songs, watch a few current performance clips, check out photos of our members and our awards or even catch a little bunkhouse chatter.

For over 75 years the Sons of the Pioneers have been proud to perform the music of the American West celebrating the West, its awesome landscape, its people, its culture and the American Cowboy. Certainly, many of the songs we originally introduced and which have been our signature, such as Tumbling Tumbleweed, Cool Water and Ghost Riders in the Sky, have become forever entwined into the very fabric of the West. We embrace that heritage and strive to honor it. "Country western" artists may sing about pickup trucks or their girlfriends. Our songs are unabashed love songs to the West. That's one of the things that makes us different.

Some say our songs are timeless. However, the truth is that any longevity we might enjoy is due to the loyalty of our great fans. So this site is dedicated to our fans....just like you.”

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